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Our Manifesto

go green

Our Holiday Park is hidden away in wooded countryside between the Wyre Forest and the west bank of the River Severn. It comprises 250 acres of Oak Forest, once part of the mighty Wyre Forest, and open parkland and lies in the valley of the Gladder Brook, a designated Site of special environmental interest.

Providing the opportunity to spend time in such a beautiful place is one of Little Lakes most unique features. The Park is committed to preserving this environment and this opportunity.

The property has been owned by the same family for four generations and they still farm in the local area. Although now put to a very different use, the Holiday Park is still husbanded in traditional ways. The Oak wood is constantly managed to promote healthy new growth and the wildflowers on the edges of the Course testify to the meadows that were there before. We are very proud to be one of the earliest Parks to install an environmentally friendly Reed Bed as part of our waste management system.

Continuing Plans for Energy and Resource Use

Using a Biomass boiler, to replace our LPG heaters and ideally fuelled with by-products that the Park already produces, to provide the Swimming pool heating.

All toilets, showers and washing machines in our main Park Building will be fitted with low energy lighting, central heating, water-saving showerheads and reduced capacity siphon cisterns.

 For the Park as a whole, the introduction of low energy bulbs, energy efficient light fittings, low-level lighting and ‘dawn to dusk’ sensors will be explored.

 There will be a general emphasis on water use reduction across the Park and we will set ourselves a goal of reducing Landfill usage by approximately 25% each year.

The Natural Environment

We will continue the successful management of the Oak Woods throughout the Park, including establishing planting programs, focused on replacing naturally occurring plants.

A wildflower meadow has been introduced on the park, next to our main drive. Wildflower plantings have also been introduced onto various empty plots around the park, to make them more nature friendly. These plantings have been done in collaboration with Butterfly Conservation West Midlands, using special seed mix designed to attract pollinating insects. 

We will begin stockpiling soil to reduce landfill and this will be used to create landscaping. We plan to establish a Nature Trail with owl, bird, and bat boxes, to allow the children visiting the Park to experience more nature close up.

We will promote alternative means of transport for our customers and staff including the local bus service. Little Lakes is able to link to a national cycle route and will aim to provide cycle racks, hire and further dedicated cycle routes.

 We think that finding a greener way of doing business and leaving a smaller footprint is the best way of preserving this beautiful Park for the future.