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Halloween Spooktacular

Halloween Spooktacular

15 November 2018

On Saturday 28th October, we celebrated Halloween with our park members and guests. From trick or treating to watching scary movies, we love Halloween and find the adults get just as excited as kids. It’s the one day of the year you can dress up as whatever you want, and it’s completely normal!

Of course we were creeping it real with the costumes or for some, their real identities… Our guests dug deep into their creativeness to become Dracula, witches, werewolves, skeletons, grim reaper, zombie brides, Frankenstein, pirates, devils, and even pumpkins. Of course we had scary eyes and Halloween make-up, because what’s a Halloween party without blood on your face and white inverted eyes?

Along with the Halloween festivities, we had a best pumpkin competition where the scariest pumpkins won. It’s safe to say our park members and guests will be eating pumpkin soup for at least a week!

After lots of laughs, karaoke and a little dance to finish the night off, we can gladly say that it was a night to remember.

Watch our video below to share some of the memories from the night:

Halloween Video - the Scary Tent!!

We all look forward to hopefully seeing you at our Christmas meal between 13th to 16th December. If you have any questions about the Christmas meal, please call the main office on 01299 266 400.