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Holiday Park Re-opening - Updated 24 July

Holiday Park Re-opening - Updated 24 July

23 June 2020

Holiday Park Opening - 4th July 2020

Updated 24th July 2020

We will be reopening Little Lakes Holiday Park for Park Members from 4th July. From so many conversations with Park Members during lockdown, we know very well how keen our Members are to visit their caravans and lodges and enjoy some well-earned relaxation at the Park after these many long weeks of lockdown. Park staff are equally keen to get back to work and will also be returning over the next few days to ensure that everything is ready for your return.

However, we will all remain restricted by lockdown conditions, both at home and on the Park, as none of us want to see a second wave of this deadly virus. Therefore, we ask that our Members, as well as all visitors to the Park, continue to comply with our social distancing policy and current Government guidelines and legislation.

Park Members using their units should be a safe activity. However, using Park Facilities is less straightforward. We plan to open the majority of our facilities from the 6th July, where Government guidance allows us to do so. We are putting in place a number of policies and steps in each of our facilities in order to maintain hygiene and social distancing standards. Outside facilities such as the Fishing Lake, tennis courts etc. should not present any problems, as long as general social distancing is followed, but indoor facilities such as the Clubhouse may need stricter policies. We will keep this under constant review, and we will communicate any changes with Park Members in light of any future updates to Government advice. You can find out more about this in the sections below. Specific facilities will have any required policies published as they open.

General Safety

We ask all of our Park Members, visitors and staff to adhere to a number of key points to maximise safety on the Park.

 - Only travel to your holiday home if you are fit to do so, and show none of the symptoms of COVID-19

 - Whilst on the Park, if you become unwell with symptoms that indicate COVID-19, you should inform the Park Office, immediately self-isolate to minimise any risk of transmission and request a test. If you are confirmed to have COVID-19, you should then return home using private transport safely to self-isolate at your primary residence.

 - When on Park, respect and adhere to our social distancing and hygiene policies

 - Park Members may only invite visitors to their Holiday Homes as allowed under the relevant Government guidelines.

- Park Members must maintain their own record of their visits to the Park, and those of any visitors, to fulfil contact tracing requirements in the event of any further COVID occurrences.

Social Distancing Policy

 - We ask all Park Members, visitors and staff to maintain a safe 2m distance from each other, unless the 1m + rules, with extra precautions are relevant.

 - In indoor facilities we may add additional shielding measures and/or PPE to maintain safe interaction

 - In some areas of the Park, we may introduce a one-way system or spaced-out queuing to avoid close contact with others

 - Where possible, we'll provide visible markers to help you adhere to social distancing guidelines when using any of the Park facilities

Hygiene Policy

As well as asking our Members and visitors to continue maintaining personal hygiene standards, regularly washing hands and using a disposable tissue to catch any coughs or sneezes, we'll also be implementing a number of enhanced hygiene measures in order to reduce any risk of contamination. 

 - Use of disinfectant when cleaning communal areas and accommodation

 - Frequent deep cleaning and disinfecting of high footfall areas and surfaces

 - Providing gloves and PPE for our cleaning teams

 - Introduction of hand sanitation stations in public areas and near entrances and exits where possible

Hygiene is a huge priority for the Park, and is still the best defence against the disease, and staff will be focused on ensuring rigorous cleanliness standards are maintained across the public areas of the Park.

In addition, we advise all Park Members to run their taps for a minimum of 2 minutes upon initial return to their Holiday Homes

Indoor Facilities

Although all facilities will have their own specific policies as they open, as a general rule we anticipate that indoor facilities will have to operate at a reduced capacity in all areas to ensure correct social distancing.


We plan to open the Clubhouse from the 4th July, at 12 noon. The Clubhouse will be open for both drinks and food, although we will be reopening with a new menu. 

The Clubhouse will be reconfigured to conform with Government guidelines. Use of the garden and courtyard areas will be encouraged, with tables set at 2m spacing throughout, seating a max. 6 people and open sided tents set up in case of showers! Alfresco is the key word here!

The inside of the Clubhouse will also be opened, but, again, the tables will be re-arranged at 2m throughout - a one way system will be set-up. Orders will be taken at the hatches, both inside and out, and both food and drink orders will be delivered by table service.

Unfortunately, there will be no entertainment or shows for the foreseeable future and, at least initially, we will be opening on reduced hours.

The cleaning regime inside and out will be intensified on a daily basis. All tables, inside and out, will be cleaned between parties, and then marked up as ready. Contactless payments will need to be the new norm.

Detailed descriptions for the Clubhouse arrangements may be found here.

We hope that these new arrangements will not be too intrusive, but as a team we are determined to open the Clubhouse in a responsible and cautious manner.

Park Office

The Park Office is currently taking telephone orders only for gas and electric card deliveries, with payment made by card, and this will continue after the 4th July for an initial period.

All enquiries about general Park Matters should be made to the Park Office by telephone or email.

Only essential or emergency work will be carried out on holiday units at this time and this work must be booked via the Park Office. All other maintenance-related jobs, including warranty and after sales, that require staff access to the holiday home can only be undertaken when it has been unoccupied for 72 hours.

Sales Office

Caravan sales activity on the Park will continue, but under strict policies laid down by the Government. All meetings must take place by appointment only, sales activities will only take place outside and access to caravan stock for sale for viewing can only take place under certain conditions. At all times, staff will ensure that social distancing is maintained between their prospective customers and Park Members.

Outside Facilities

Fishing Lake

The fishing lake will open on Monday July 6th. General social distancing guidelines must be followed. There will be no competitions allowed initially.

Bowling Green

The bowling green will open on Monday July 6th. General social distancing guidelines must be followed, including keeping within 'bubbles' where relevant. Please clean any shared items, including Jacks, between users. There will be no competitions allowed initially.

Tennis Court

The Tennis court will open on Monday July 6th. General social distancing guidelines must be followed. Members of two bubbles may play, which means doubles is allowed, using their own tennis equipment.

Petanque Piste

The Petanque Piste will open on Monday July 6th. General social distancing guidelines must be followed, especially keeping within 'bubbles' where relevant. Please clean any shared items, including Jacks, between users. There will be no competitions allowed initially.

Kids Play Area

The Play area will be open from Thursday 22nd July. General social distancing guidelines must be followed, including keeping within 'bubbles'. Hand sanitiser will be provided .

Swimming Pool

Sadly, the Swimming Pool will not be open this summer. The restrictions imposed by the new operational guidelines are too onerous and, in addition, we only have one of our lifeguarding team available in August. A summary of the main problems will be available in the Office for those who would like further information.