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David Bellamy Gold Award

David Bellamy Gold Award

Professor David Bellamy has recognised Little Lakes Holiday Park for our work to protect and enhance Britain’s natural environment with his Gold Conservation Award.

The David Bellamy Conservation Award celebrates the wide range of work done for the environment by participating caravanning and holiday home parks. We were assessed by a team of local wildlife experts who studied the steps the park is taking to manage its land as a haven for wildlife, reduce, reuse and recycle any waste produced, and more. David Bellamy then used these reports to award us Gold, the highest level of achievement in the award

Since opening in 1961, Little Lakes has been committed to preserving the environment and our Oak Wood is comprehensively managed to promote healthy new growth and replace naturally occurring plants. We were also one of the earliest parks to install an environmentally friendly Reed Bed as part of our waste management system. The inspectors were particularly impressed with how Holiday units were sensitively placed right within the Oak Wood, allowing Park Members to really feel a part of the landscape.

We have placed a key emphasis on reduction of water usage on both the Golf Course and the Park, and we have a goal of reducing landfill usage by approximately 25% each year, with this being used to create landscaping and a nature trail area. Our planned nature trail area will have owl, bird and bat boxes to allow visiting children to experience nature close up. Bee hives may well also be on the horizon – David Bellamy is encouraging all parks to take the Honey Bee Pledge, to encourage habitat for our furry friends.

All toilets, showers and washing machines in the main park building have been fitted with low energy lighting, central heating, water-saving showerheads and reduced capacity siphon cisterns.

More information about the Award Scheme can be found here.